First Day At Internship >

Well am back from hell and am happy and satisfied . The past month or so was really tormenting with no mobile phones "No Electronic Items " is what they call it there never understood the motive behind this what would poor trainees do .
 I know most of you guys wouldn't know what am talking here ..but its a place called DRDO where i did my training from..... Alienating it was and typical government attitude ...
Anyhow starting out what i thought would be path breaking did prove itself .. The harsh reality came through that hard work is not enough, what you need today is much more [ a complete package].
It was 16th May and got up early because was supposed to be there by 9:30 sharp ..... Dressed in my best arrived there which came as a rude shock when i discovered that half of the people wore what they felt like and for a couple hours went mad doing formalities making ID card and what not which reminded me of college. After completing all of these approached the HRD head who sounded discouraging when starting out she told us "We don't have work in the IT field which came as a rude shock and dissapointment "... Like the rest of my life as the days passed and we got our work it turned out good :)


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