This opportunity was given to me about a year ago, and I have never regretted it even once. Working on couches creating and learning new things every day makes you feel amazing.
The journey starts about a year back when, being highly irritated with my previous employer, I decided to look out for new jobs. (I consider myself a crazy job applier :P). Soon, there came this opportunity with a company I had never heard of. My “crazy job applier” persona kicked in, and I clicked the apply button anyway.
In the first round, I had to fill a questionnaire which was 40–50 questions long. I am not kidding here and it felt like a gigantic task. After that, I got a call, had a Skype interview,followed by an on site interview, and as they say, the rest is history. So this is how Mxit happened to me.
My then-boss was a one-of-a-kind awesome boss whom anyone would love to have. He regarded us as an integral part of the organisation. While sharing his knowledge and giving us ample space to grow, he also motivated us to take on challenging assignments.
Outside the office, every week we went for movies, had fun together and worked even harder together.Plus, being in a new city away from family made it less complicated and more fun than I imagined.
In a startup, you have to do everything on your own, so don’t expect to be spoon fed.You learn more and strive more here because every day you are thrown a new challenge, a new deadline, a new assignment.
Most importantly, you get a first hand experience of what it is like building a company from the ground up.  Seeing the numbers grow every day makes you proud of yourself and keeps you motivated.
In short, Mxit has given me something that I could have never had in a big corporate organization: the chance to experiment, grow and open up more as an individual.

Lakhs of students including men and women passout of engineering colleges everywhere. So my question is where do these women engineers go after graduation. Most of them go for further studies and others for jobs but why do we not see them as engineers working at par with men. Where does the issue lie? Take any photographs of office spaces you will hardly find any women in their.

According to a study among the 38 percent of women who entered and subsequently left the field, 30 percent cited organizational climate, characterized by non-supportive supervisors or co-workers and general incivility, as a primary motivator. 
Nearly half left due to working conditions, like frequent travel, lack of advancement opportunities or low salary.

Recently the engineering giant Google also launched the made with code initiative to encourage young women to code seeing the dismal number of women coders. 

Women have to balance a lot considering family life, office work etc which pushes them to the tipping point unable to handle the pressure.

If women are good they should be given a chance otherwise nothing can be done to improve this situation. They should be considered at par and equal to men.

A study has also found women who feel that they are making a difference while being in engineering tend to stay on longer at their work places.

It all lies in the want and need to feel accepted and to be regarded equal to men once corporates and offices realise this that will bring in a change.

Well sometimes we used to sleep!

This opportunity was given to me about a year ago have never repented it even once. Working on couches creating and learning new things every day makes you feel amazing.

The journey starts about a year back when being highly irritated from my previous employer i decided to look out for new jobs being a crazy job applier (i like to call myself this) :P. Came this opportunity a company i never heard of. Anyway being a crazy one i clicked the apply button with my resume and recruiterbox an unlikely place for applying jobs a year ago i must say.

Got shortlisted for the first round where i had to fill a questionnaire 40-50 questions long okay i am not kidding here it felt like a gigantic task anyway i filled it in parts while having lunch and by dinner i was done :P

I got a call and had a skype interview and an on site interview rest is history. Well this is how Mxit happened to me. My boss was one of kind awesome boss which everyone would love to have. He regarded us as an integral part of the organisation. No Indian boss i think can be as cool as he is sharing his knowledge and giving you ample space to grow and at the same time motivating you to take challenging assignments.

Every week we went for movies, enjoyed together and worked even more harder, being in a new city away from family all this made it less complicated and much more fun then you could ever imagine. Life happened.

Mxit has given me something that i could have never had in a big corporate the chance to experiment, a chance to grow and open up even more.

Start ups are all about being your self, opening up various dimensions about your personality, you have to do everything on your own here don't expect to be spoon fed.

You learn more, you strive more here cause every day you are thrown a new challenge a new deadline a new assignment.

You get a first hand experience of what it is like building a company from ground up and seeing the numbers grow every day makes you proud of yourself and keeps you motivated.

New job websites you should definitely check out

We have always been told to check websites like, Monster to get latest job updates and to take forward our job search on these portals. However with the job market growing ten fold its time that these massive portals might be becoming old school. Many recruiters nowadays are using other mediums to recruit suitable candidates. Today i will be listing some of the not so known job portals where you might end up finding your dream jobs. Please note that these websites are our personal favorites.

1.   HasGeek (

If you have always wanted to work at Tech Startups in India this is the best job site for you. Around 10 or more more job postings are done every day on through this platform. The Layout as well as the look and feel is very vibrant and appealing. For people crazy for tech start ups this is the destination.

1. Layout of hasjob

Login with either twitter or Google to apply

Fill out your application carefully, highlight your achievements


Another good website to check out is i can say that as lately everyone is getting many call letters from this website.Is not always important that you get yourself a premium account but make sure your profile is completely up to date.

Freshersworld main page

3. Some other website that freshers should check our Freshersvoice, Freshersplane and getjobsonline.

The websites stated above are good aggregators of jobs from various sources so keep checking these portals to stay up to date.

Last thing i would like to mention no matter how great your job searching skills are in the end what matters is your skill and the ability to showcase these skills we at tutoslive are making an effort to enhance these skills.

5 Reasons to take up an online course


In the era where time is a big constraint and skills are needed to land in a great job, Online learning has become very useful for the masses, we at Tutoslive are tapping that area and make you as a student, fit in the corporate world.

We are listing here some of the top reasons why we feel that online learning will be the next big thing and what are its advantages and some drawbacks over traditional learning - where one goes to various training institutes.

1) Stay Home and Learn


Stay Home Join Tutoslive
Momma will miss You
There were times when someone had to travel miles to get some quality education or a skill. In the age of technology, You do not need to travel miles but instead have a computer with internet hooked on. But online tutorials does not motivate you to learn which happens only with classroom education. Unless and until the trainer is pro active and interactive, it is hard to get motivated to learn a skill online. At Tutoslive we do the same, the course is more motivation oriented skill training. Here we teach PHP and Web Development in the most fun and interactive way which you can find no where.
2) No Migrations and No Travel


Stay Home Join Tutoslive
I Miss my Home

In developing countries, education is the main source of development and we see a lot of schools in every nook and corner of the country. But coming to a skill training or job opportunity, you need to migrate to a Closer City where training and job placements are more. This involves in moving out of your homes, going to a new place, staying in hostels, eating hostel cooked food. All this happen only with your interest to learn a course, land in a job and that too for a course which is not more than 2 hours a day. Online education solves this, you can learn from home and then migrate to a city when you gather confidence with a skill to get a job. You can eat home cooked food, hangout with friends in the evening, and do all sorts of other personal things attending the class form home.

3) Online education is great for socializing:


Stay Home Join Tutoslive
I met some cool people who I can be talk about technology

In traditional schools, we get to meet people confined to a locality. That is how we make our first friends. When we move out of college and learn a skill from an institute we meet people who have the same problem or same IQ and make friends. Like such, in an online school, you have no limit on meeting new people. You have the opportunity to meet more smart and enthusiast people from all corners of the world. The world may be big in area, but internet made miles into smiles, you connect with people instantly.

4) Improves your internet skills

Searching made easy with tutoslive
I get answers only when I ask it in a right way.                 
Everything today is online, be it shopping, ordering food, knowing technologies or socializing. We seldom try to know what is that thing behind the scenes which makes our life easier and more online. But when we take a course online and start learning, we will be interested in knowing things. You ability to look for answers and searching for questions will increase when you take an online class. At Tutoslive we teach you how the coolest things online are built and who knows you can build your next idea learning from us.

5) Online classes are recorded so that you can revise later


watch recorded classes from tutoslive
Now I can watch it at my pace, rewind, forward, pause
Online education uses a robust technology such that each and every detail of the class is voice and video recorded. They also record every action that happen on the trainers screen or projector. So if you feel like you missed a class while attending a ceremony or missed a class because you were sick, no problem, you can never miss a class with these recorded online class.

5 Things to do when you are a graduate fresher and have time.

Graduates : I know you are overwhelmed with your studies and fun during your college times, now its time to shape your career and life. You may be in a job or someone who is looking for a placement or someone who wants to go abroad for higher studies, here we present top things you can do when you have time.


tutoslive blog pic
I sit at home and learn Chinese and PHP
Well when you are young and can learn a lot, wasting time is the last thing you want to do- get involved, utilize your time wisely and effectively. Time and tide waits for none. You can try taking some online course and increase your knowledge. Be it a new language or a new programming language, keep learning and practicing. This time is a time for introspection and giving it your 100 percent. Some websites that offer online courses are coursera , codeacademy , treehouse , memrise and tutoslive. Try learning a new skill and get your hands dirty. Don’t waste your time.                                            


Be Social Online 
Social media marketing is definitely the next big thing recently LinkedIn in its survey regarded it as one of the top skills to have in 2014. Experiment with your skills, give growth hacking a try apply for internships relating to social media marketing. You will get to learn a lot through the course of it all. Read articles on Hub spot about social media marketing and give it a try.  More and more businesses are moving online so Social media marketing has become more than important in years.


 Play some cricket- Get out get it going
All work and no play makes jack a dull boy. So why not try something new for a change, enough of that dullness try your hand at a new sport give adventure sports a try like rafting or even rock climbing sure it would be fun when everyone gets involved. Get out experiment meet new people have fun who knows when you would get some quality time again.  I am sure you would be tired of sitting in school and college lectures all this while well it’s time to break free from your normal schedule and enjoy doing something unique.


Follow your passion
If dancing, writing, acting, video making are your passion but you couldn't  take it up due to parental pressure this is the time to explore various avenues and not stick to what your parents wanted for you. Discover a new you and make it count. Make beautiful paintings, create color in your life, make movies explore yourself.


Participate in social reforms, help the society by giving the best you can.
Take part in volunteering activities contribute your valuable time for the betterment of the society. If poverty has often made you feel hopeless and the reckless behavior has bought you immense pain maybe this is your time to give back and help. Spend time with orphan kids, cook food for the homeless contribute and give back.

New Year New Challenges

Well i have been out of action for a long while maybe wasn't inspired enough to pen down my thoughts or maybe was to preoccupied with making new plans :P

2014 is coming soon i am sure we all have long list of what we want to accomplish or maybe just a small one to get things done.

I also have a small list that i want to accomplish this year and make the most of it. Always wanted to start something of my own maybe this year will be the golden year for new beginnings have been really motivated seeing and experiencing the start up culture and environment. Mxit India is really teaching me what its like to own something to be proud of it and how to handle criticism. I have done everything starting from language translations to development to social media marketing which i have gotten fond of over the time. Engaging with users has motivated me to take this on as a semi career option. But nevertheless have always wanted to own a product to build it from scratch to help people.

I really would like to thank people who helped me grow so much during the past year, who motivated me to give it my best, how to learn from my mistakes and not bow down.  
As i strolled through the park one beautiful morning found an aged man with his not so old dog . The dog in his prime followed the man where ever he went . They had this pure connection that no one could think of , They had a unique bond that no one would know who hasn't loved and cared for animals . The old pale man was talking to his dog as he would talk to his grand children and the dog was listening attentively as if he knew what was being said to him . They did everything together , they had this pure connection this unbreakable bond that no one could understand.
Dogs understand you they feel your pain when you have no one they will be the ones standing beside you . They don't think before giving LOVE they love endlessly , They defend your territory and defend you in grave danger

They Will stand by You forever

The Small Things

There stood a little Pink House
Between two massive ones
The little Pink House had two not so little people
Who have lived all there in a perfect and melodious way
Oblivious from the roots of development there stood that perfect
Little Pink House
As the lives of people get Twisted Day by Day that little Pink House remains the same.


As Life is progressing we tend to not notice the small things present around us , It is rightly said that sometimes the small things give us the greatest pleasure. So today this day make it a point to notice someone or something that you have unnoticed for a long time . Say thank you to the people who have contributed little as the society would think but in the end contributed far greater than any body else.