New Year New Challenges

Well i have been out of action for a long while maybe wasn't inspired enough to pen down my thoughts or maybe was to preoccupied with making new plans :P

2014 is coming soon i am sure we all have long list of what we want to accomplish or maybe just a small one to get things done.

I also have a small list that i want to accomplish this year and make the most of it. Always wanted to start something of my own maybe this year will be the golden year for new beginnings have been really motivated seeing and experiencing the start up culture and environment. Mxit India is really teaching me what its like to own something to be proud of it and how to handle criticism. I have done everything starting from language translations to development to social media marketing which i have gotten fond of over the time. Engaging with users has motivated me to take this on as a semi career option. But nevertheless have always wanted to own a product to build it from scratch to help people.

I really would like to thank people who helped me grow so much during the past year, who motivated me to give it my best, how to learn from my mistakes and not bow down.