Agra - The city dedicated to 'love'


Either it is floods
Or it is drought
Leaving the nation
Unclad, starved and distraught!

Not a grain
To feed
Asking for which
People are put into chain
Who end their mudane stay
When the life is
Utter vain
Nor a drop of water
To drink
Not only in taps
But also in drains
Where goes the grain
That rots in godowns
For the whims of the regime
As the sufferings
Become more grim

This much
For their pro-people jingle
Where raucous jingosim mingles
Treachery and perfidy
With such dexterity
With such finesse
That no one could dare say

The ministers
The security
The leaders
The bureaucrat
Are plundering with fashion
Like a pastime
Like an obssession
With anarchy all over –
The plight of the nation!

To be or Not to be!

As i listened to my english teacher say these very words i fell into an everlasting introspection how these very words seemed applicable in my very life. What i want and what i get seems so far fetched and unrealistic whenever i try to... My life has not been a bed of roses every time i get do doing something i never reach to what i expected and what i wanted there seems a great pain inside of not having what i always wanted and desired..
Every time the same very feeling of giving it your all but having fallen short of expectations What does one do at such times ? What ? The good thing how ever is that the burning desire never fades away it pushes me on, there is pain inside but this desire takes me on wards and again a try i give it my best 

Among st all of this i know some day i will get it all because life ain't over Its just begun