Lakhs of students including men and women passout of engineering colleges everywhere. So my question is where do these women engineers go after graduation. Most of them go for further studies and others for jobs but why do we not see them as engineers working at par with men. Where does the issue lie? Take any photographs of office spaces you will hardly find any women in their.

According to a study among the 38 percent of women who entered and subsequently left the field, 30 percent cited organizational climate, characterized by non-supportive supervisors or co-workers and general incivility, as a primary motivator. 
Nearly half left due to working conditions, like frequent travel, lack of advancement opportunities or low salary.

Recently the engineering giant Google also launched the made with code initiative to encourage young women to code seeing the dismal number of women coders. 

Women have to balance a lot considering family life, office work etc which pushes them to the tipping point unable to handle the pressure.

If women are good they should be given a chance otherwise nothing can be done to improve this situation. They should be considered at par and equal to men.

A study has also found women who feel that they are making a difference while being in engineering tend to stay on longer at their work places.

It all lies in the want and need to feel accepted and to be regarded equal to men once corporates and offices realise this that will bring in a change.