Modern Indian Women!

Unless a life is lived for others, it is not worthwhile

All my posts follow a daily set of events that happen this happened when i was in the cab travelling like everyday Home to college , College to Home 
A teacher joined us today for the ride back home dread such things they seem like one big evil creatures anyway not drifting away!
A teacher around 25 years old was talking about getting married and that her parents were forcing her  to . I thought to myself this young women not so old had no say in what she wanted she seemed highly educated and well off.. is marriage all there is to life in the Indian society..
It would be sure that she would be asked to leave her job after marriage for her 'patti permeshwar' ya right .
All of this is in generalized terms but don't you think its about time when women have there say in what they want and what they do. They are earning , they are achieving , they are fending for there families . Women in India have come a long way from sitting at home cooking waiting for there husbands to be back home doing all the household chores sitting back watching soaps.. Yes they have !
Women are no more like the ladies in serials they are strong outgoing willing and straight forward . They also have there say in the family affairs and its about time the Men and the families accept it.
This is for the parents who regard there SONS everything i guess you should stop that and have trust and faith in the WOMEN for she is not weak they has a mind of her own she cares more she loves more .. For she is the one who gives birth takes care of the kids .. She is the one who will do everything...
Goes out to everyone who has a women in there life 
Maybe a Daughter, Maybe a Wife or Maybe just a friend

Happiness and Marriage


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