Bmw's replacing parents

This title might appall you but it is very apt these days 
Not talking in a generalized manner but the topic seems to have a great deal of truth to it..

Our neighbourhood for instance is filled with cars all sorts of them each household has plenty of them either to show off or keep up with eachother's pace i don't know because i don't ..
Anyway not drifting away from my central topic its sad these days that the parents who have raised you, provided you with all the luxury have to be treated as misfits in their own home . There might be a difference in the way we think act from them but at the end of the day they ll always be our parents
As for the material possesions they hold not much of a significance for long you can show of your cars your jewelry etc etc for sometime but not always..
This topic stems out from what i noticed one of our neighbours bought a BMW and looking at them you woudn't imagine they could actually buy one , Those same people sent their mother to her village and regarded as her some foreigner in there own home..
Aren't you supposed to give them what they gave you A Life! your parents are worth more than this..
Care for them Love them thats what they need from you....

Show them you care because they won't be with you forever ..Give them what they deserve

A parent ~~
While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.


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