OLD vs YOUNG! THe Battle continues ......

WAS Comin Home by metro just couple of hours earlier saw a couple hugging 'openly'...
At the same time hear an old uncle say to his friend loudly!
"YEAH bache INdia to England bana denge, kitne batameez hogaye hain"
coudn't stop wonder when INDIAN'S will grow up this is the reality now... No matter what anyone says   things have changed now we ll have to wake up to reality..
I know what the old and experienced might feel of youngsters polluting our culture our values ..
But its an extremely sad comment ... There are always youngsters who respect value society alot...Most Indians going abroad have a sense of love for their motherland they respect value their customs traditions even more than us back home!!
Kissing touching and hugging doesn't change who we are as individuals ...doesn't suggest that we don't value our traditions!!
Indians always have and always be full of customs, traditions , compassion...
We ll always be called as the 'High context country' where Human beings are valued and understood!
So my advice "GROW UP IF YOU HAVEN'T"


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