1st year
=>Make as many friends as you want hit on as many girls you like :P what they call here as HOT CHICKS
in short padhne wale bache are mahaan rest are bhagwaan bharose! 
( translated in english studies are the most important rest goes down drain
=> Roam GIP and CSm all year round and still not get bored of it! 
=> give exams as almost school kids and not have a clue of how they went...
Any way it was a great time made loads of friends some that didn't last some remained all through this  phase of ups and downs some were never mean't to be!! But those were the times where ego an hatred had no hold upon us...
Then came the 2nd year
=> The section split came as a rude shock to everyone!!!
=> Slowly and steadily things stabilised on the class stuff but became quite the opposite on the friendship front...
=>It all became normal with time we all have those hi bye sort of people at this point had loads of them.[ All i can say people come and go but life goes on forever ]
3rd year
=> All seemed good by then but now the pressure of performing being the best came into the picture ...
=> But the masti continues always no matter what time of the day!! to have those special people called as friends in your life makes it all worthwhile..
When this year My and Your 3rd year ends you will know who will stand by you forever, who always was just a guest wanting to gain benefits who was always there but wasn't given importance!!
"SO care for those who are there Leave those who don't cause they never will"


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