What Working At A Start Up Feels Like

This opportunity was given to me about a year ago, and I have never regretted it even once. Working on couches creating and learning new things every day makes you feel amazing.
The journey starts about a year back when, being highly irritated with my previous employer, I decided to look out for new jobs. (I consider myself a crazy job applier :P). Soon, there came this opportunity with a company I had never heard of. My “crazy job applier” persona kicked in, and I clicked the apply button anyway.
In the first round, I had to fill a questionnaire which was 40–50 questions long. I am not kidding here and it felt like a gigantic task. After that, I got a call, had a Skype interview,followed by an on site interview, and as they say, the rest is history. So this is how Mxit happened to me.
My then-boss was a one-of-a-kind awesome boss whom anyone would love to have. He regarded us as an integral part of the organisation. While sharing his knowledge and giving us ample space to grow, he also motivated us to take on challenging assignments.
Outside the office, every week we went for movies, had fun together and worked even harder together.Plus, being in a new city away from family made it less complicated and more fun than I imagined.
In a startup, you have to do everything on your own, so don’t expect to be spoon fed.You learn more and strive more here because every day you are thrown a new challenge, a new deadline, a new assignment.
Most importantly, you get a first hand experience of what it is like building a company from the ground up.  Seeing the numbers grow every day makes you proud of yourself and keeps you motivated.
In short, Mxit has given me something that I could have never had in a big corporate organization: the chance to experiment, grow and open up more as an individual.


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