5 Reasons to take up an online course

5 Reasons to take up an online course


In the era where time is a big constraint and skills are needed to land in a great job, Online learning has become very useful for the masses, we at Tutoslive are tapping that area and make you as a student, fit in the corporate world.

We are listing here some of the top reasons why we feel that online learning will be the next big thing and what are its advantages and some drawbacks over traditional learning - where one goes to various training institutes.

1) Stay Home and Learn


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Momma will miss You
There were times when someone had to travel miles to get some quality education or a skill. In the age of technology, You do not need to travel miles but instead have a computer with internet hooked on. But online tutorials does not motivate you to learn which happens only with classroom education. Unless and until the trainer is pro active and interactive, it is hard to get motivated to learn a skill online. At Tutoslive we do the same, the course is more motivation oriented skill training. Here we teach PHP and Web Development in the most fun and interactive way which you can find no where.
2) No Migrations and No Travel


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I Miss my Home

In developing countries, education is the main source of development and we see a lot of schools in every nook and corner of the country. But coming to a skill training or job opportunity, you need to migrate to a Closer City where training and job placements are more. This involves in moving out of your homes, going to a new place, staying in hostels, eating hostel cooked food. All this happen only with your interest to learn a course, land in a job and that too for a course which is not more than 2 hours a day. Online education solves this, you can learn from home and then migrate to a city when you gather confidence with a skill to get a job. You can eat home cooked food, hangout with friends in the evening, and do all sorts of other personal things attending the class form home.

3) Online education is great for socializing:


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I met some cool people who I can be talk about technology

In traditional schools, we get to meet people confined to a locality. That is how we make our first friends. When we move out of college and learn a skill from an institute we meet people who have the same problem or same IQ and make friends. Like such, in an online school, you have no limit on meeting new people. You have the opportunity to meet more smart and enthusiast people from all corners of the world. The world may be big in area, but internet made miles into smiles, you connect with people instantly.

4) Improves your internet skills

Searching made easy with tutoslive
I get answers only when I ask it in a right way.                 
Everything today is online, be it shopping, ordering food, knowing technologies or socializing. We seldom try to know what is that thing behind the scenes which makes our life easier and more online. But when we take a course online and start learning, we will be interested in knowing things. You ability to look for answers and searching for questions will increase when you take an online class. At Tutoslive we teach you how the coolest things online are built and who knows you can build your next idea learning from us.

5) Online classes are recorded so that you can revise later


watch recorded classes from tutoslive
Now I can watch it at my pace, rewind, forward, pause
Online education uses a robust technology such that each and every detail of the class is voice and video recorded. They also record every action that happen on the trainers screen or projector. So if you feel like you missed a class while attending a ceremony or missed a class because you were sick, no problem, you can never miss a class with these recorded online class.


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