Damn i need some inspiration!! is all people say these days so is my case The college slogging to complete assignments=useless ones , the half hearted attempts at tests aarghhh nothing seems good what to do what not to do
In the middle am drawn towards escaping it all,woudn't it be wonderful to not have any task to complete no deadlines no work sitting in a secluded island all by yourself..having that wonderful breeze blow past your hair the vast expanse of the ocean... won't it be wonderful
Alas wake up from that dream Vini that won't happen in a 100 years....
anyway coming back to the 21st century i realise that day dreaming never helps there are times you just have to wake up and accept reality
you have to work hard think smart because its the era of competiveness this is the only time we can make something of ourselves .. I sound like some inspirational writer now :P but not even close to one
All i am is some mediocre college going person who dreams of making it big like the rest .....
So this was a mediocre post from a mediocre girl!!
signing off!!


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