Ok the scene these days is the following=exams[minors over] 5th semester coming to an end soon following which we ll all get busy with resumes certificates etc etc in order to have the best trainings,be famous amongst each other be ahead on the work front blah blah blah.!!
Well in the middle of all this,comes the not so brilliant child=ME and many others like me what will happen to us??...the scene is daunting and forever on our minds..because neither are we like those who are brilliant in some language c,c++ and many others..neither do we have a strong family background in technical stuff...
Seriously mediocrity sucks! The same question lurking over your mind all the time..parents expecting wonders from you...
The other day i was thinking of dropping out of the cwg volunteering because of these pathetic delays by them asked my father what should be done his answer was "Don't drop out it will look good on your RESUME"
This sudden hurry has begun to take gain some experience from small places which never happened before...strange it is so..
but there is always this
hope and dream of DOING something BIG!


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