The shadows egging me on
The motive making me strong
No time to stand and stare
The goal is all i got to my aim
I ain't weak , I ain't meek
I have myself that's all i need
Give me time I'll stand up
Don't underestimate coz all i got is me
They ll be falcies They ll be pain
But all i got is me
Don't underestimate for I ain't weak
I ain't meek
Give me time and I ll
Stand Up

Most Artistic Websites

The website is all about art...Very simple in its content bout advanced in its layout and structure...
Commendable job done on it...

With its 'Tag Line'
Training, inspiring and connecting Web Designers and Developers is our passion. We do it by delivering world class web conferences across the globe and through our online training facility ‘Think Vitamin Membership’.

This website has amazing creativity ..It is created by a company that builds students projects and has found an innovative way of showcasing it!!
Hats off to them

On seeing it for the first time coudn't believe my eyes as to this would turn out to be a private university's website remarkable photoshop work i must say the navigation bars are excellent plus it is fast as well...

Dara’s Garden fashions a fabulous setting for you to make memories you will love and cherish. Whether you’re envisioning an intimate ceremony or a large gathering, Dara’s Garden offers the finest location for any event.
This website basically deals with the idea of a perfect wedding setting :)
Its layout is great but its slow in loading..



1. APPLE MACBOOK PRO                 PRICE:72,900 Rs

Apple's aluminium clad 13 inch laptop has been promoted to Macbook pro status.With a huge multi-touch trackpad, Intel core 2 duo chips, NVIDIA graphics and hard drive maxing out to 250gb..  Lightweight with decent 4 hour battery.


The price tag isn't for the squeamish , but with stealth bomber design concealing an intel core i7 engine, ATI radeon graphics , 6GB of RAM, a dazzling 17 inch display and 640 GB of storage 

3. ACER TIMELINE X               PRICE:37,500 Rs

Thin normally means compromised, so its surprise to find Radeon HD5650 3D graphics parked next to the i5 processor in the skinny timeline x,
Battery life: 6 hours

4. SONY VAIO Z-SERIES              PRICE:1,09,900 Rs

Few laptops are as desirable and powerful as the VAIO z-series. It has super thin carbon fibre reinforced construction, with a solid state hard drives. At its heart is Intel's zippy core i7 chip.
Battery life: 6 hours

5. ALIENWARE M11X                  PRICE: 70,131 Rs

 The vaguely interesting M15x has been replaced by niche filling M11x an 11 inch , 2kg gaming netbook ...its heavy and too expensive but very cool