As i strolled through the park one beautiful morning found an aged man with his not so old dog . The dog in his prime followed the man where ever he went . They had this pure connection that no one could think of , They had a unique bond that no one would know who hasn't loved and cared for animals . The old pale man was talking to his dog as he would talk to his grand children and the dog was listening attentively as if he knew what was being said to him . They did everything together , they had this pure connection this unbreakable bond that no one could understand.
Dogs understand you they feel your pain when you have no one they will be the ones standing beside you . They don't think before giving LOVE they love endlessly , They defend your territory and defend you in grave danger

They Will stand by You forever

The Small Things

There stood a little Pink House
Between two massive ones
The little Pink House had two not so little people
Who have lived all there in a perfect and melodious way
Oblivious from the roots of development there stood that perfect
Little Pink House
As the lives of people get Twisted Day by Day that little Pink House remains the same.


As Life is progressing we tend to not notice the small things present around us , It is rightly said that sometimes the small things give us the greatest pleasure. So today this day make it a point to notice someone or something that you have unnoticed for a long time . Say thank you to the people who have contributed little as the society would think but in the end contributed far greater than any body else.